Meeting Roooms


Sikandar Khan Ghazi Room

This conference room, named after the Afghan General Sikandar Khan Ghazi who conquered Sylhet around 1303 AD, sits about 90 persons theatre style or 60 persons around table formations set to client’s requirements. This room can also be used for small banquets, dinner and lunch parties.





Thackeray Room

This is possibly the finest Boardroom
in the country and is named
after William Makepeace Thackeray,
the first Collector of Sylhet under
the East India Company.
It has a Board table that can
seat 20 persons at a time.
With a magnificent view of bamboo groves
and distant trees,
its ambiance is truly serene.
The room can also be configured
for exclusive dinner, lunch, and cocktail parties.





Garden Party Area

It is a unique and a natural settling for parties, cultural events,
band and music shows and other entertainment.